Third Sector English Training Courses

For Charities, NGOs and Not For Profit Organisations

Subsidised English language training courses 

Self-study & Live Practice with expert native teachers

Changing lives with English language learning

Supporting UK and International organisations that help refugees from war-torn countries and other disadvantaged learners


As part of Perfectly Spoken’s ongoing commitment to help organisations in the Third Sector we offer heavily subsidised access to our Premium Plan for Teams to registered charities and NGOs of any size whose objectives include empowering individuals by helping them improve their English language skills


Subsidised Training Courses


Your logo. Your colours. Your English Academy


Heavily subsidised access to Premium Plan


Track the progress of each individual student


Add, remove & grow to your needs



Cloud-based. Easy to access and manage

Helping disadvantaged learners develop their English language skills with self-paced flexible learning


  • for students requiring online learning in rural areas
  • as a complement to any face-to-face tuition

Personalised learning dashboard available on any device
Easy user management
No need for coursebooks. All course content included and fresh content and learning activities added each week


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Individualised learning for your organisation


  • Personalised dashboard: your courses, your recommendations, your events.
  • Placement Test.
  • Access from any device. Take where you left it. Premium video playing options

Structured courses with expert teachers


  • From Elementary to Proficiency. General English, Grammar, Exam Preparation, Business English & other Specialist English Courses.
  • Self-study and live & interactive group practice



  • Your logo. Your colours
  • A dedicated URL
  • Your English Academy



  • Add and remove users at your convenience
  • Pay per active users only
  • Grow with your needs

Perfectly Spoken and RefuAid

Helping help others


Perfectly Spoken is proud to partner with London based NGO RefuAid which provides refugees with access to employment opportunities in the UK.
RefuAid cites language as one of the biggest barriers to integration in a new country, whether that’s for day-to-day living, access to higher education or for skilled professionals looking to resume their careers.
RefuAid offers Perfectly Spoken’s structured online learning to those who have been forced to flee their homes and make a new life in the UK.


What are the System requirements to run Perfectly Spoken?

There’s no need to download or install any software on your computer to use Perfectly Spoken. Go to [yourteam] on your preferred web browser and log in to your account.

Perfectly Spoken  is designed to be mobile responsive, which means it will resize and adjust to your screen when you work on a mobile device. It has been developed with a mobile first approach to make sure mobile users get the best experienced.

Minimum system requirements:  2 Mbps internet speed

Supported browsers:  Perfectly Spoken requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of the features. Perfectly Spoken currently supports the latest two versions of all browsers, unless otherwise noted.

What happens if I want to add or remove one of my team members half-way through a month?

You will have already paid for the complete month for the team member you wish to remove so that team member will have full access to the Team Plan until the end of the month (monthly billing period) . Once removed you will not be charged again for that user.

A new team member may be added at any time. If the month has already begun, that team member will only be charged pro rata for the proportion of the month remaining and a new, a new invoice will be generated for the additional seats. (For example, if a new team member joins half way through a 4 week month, she will only be charged 50% of the equivalent monthly fees for an individual team member). The system will present Admin with a Subscription Summary indicating the total amount to be paid in the subscription renewal.



Can I have a dashboard manual/course catalogue?

Yes. Whilst we have designed our Teams Dashboard to be as intuitive as possible to guide Admins to set up the team, assign courses and manage users, we also have  a step by step manual  that is available to download in the Admins Help section. This manual is currently available in English and Spanish.

We also have a Course Catalogue that we update regularly. In that catalogue you can see courses available.

Access these documents in Manage Team > Help > Documentation.


In addition to the Team Plans what other online services can you offer?

Perfectly Spoken has at its disposal a wide range of expert and qualified teachers that cover many different areas of general and specialist English language training, which allow us to create the widest range of proprietary quality content for organisations of any size. Thus, Perfectly Spoken can also offer the following additional services . Including, but not limited to:

  • 1-2-1 lessons
  • Speaking practice groups
  • Bespoke Masterclasses (on topics of your choice)
  • Specially commissioned English language training courses
  • Training courses for English teachers
  • Additional downloadable and practice materials in different formats




What do I do if I need help? Can I contact a real person?

Simple answer … Yes!

You can always contact us at our [email protected] for assistance.

However, as an NGO/Third Sector Organisation, you will have the direct mail of one of our team members to help you with the onboarding process and support you all the way.

Our SLA to answer our customers’ requests is 48 hours during the working week, although most of them are answered within 24h. Please take into account our support is currently based at GMT time zone.

We also understand that some of our Admins may have limited English and may prefer to raise service issues in their own local language. We can currently support requests in Spanish, French and Italian.