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Perfectly Spoken for Teams


Your Business is Unique.

So is the Perfectly Spoken approach to English Language Learning.

  • Self-directed English language learning programmes
  • Instant access to structured video courses with expert teachers
  • Supporting learning activities
  • Available on all devices
  • Easy to use dashboard. Customisable and scalable platform

Customised Packages and Solutions

We offer Online English training for a range of organisations of all sizes, including corporate English language training for businesses and packages for educational institutions. Create a customised package to best suit the English language learning needs of your team members, staff, or students.

Team Admins can:


  • Customise the learning platform
  • Manage users and monitor their progress
  • Access and export comprehensive reports
  • Engage users with notifications

Team Members can:


  • Learn with unlimited access to courses
  • Take tests, download activities
  • Study different courses simultaneously
  • Monitor their personal learning

General English – Business English – Exam Preparation – Specialist English

Structured Online English Courses delivered by experienced and professional teachers all available for organisations to use for staff, students and teams.

A modern online English language learning experience that works for all


  • Easy to implement, easy to scale to suit your growing needs
  • Customise content to meet learning objectives set by you
  • Instant access. First class desktop and mobile experience for maximum accessibility
  • Best value On demand online learning for all organisations

Highly engaging learning experience that delivers results for all


  • Social, self-directed and easy to use
  • Fresh, up to date and relevant content
  • Taught by professional teachers for all abilities
  • Agile learning: Immediate access to 500+ lessons

Single Dashboard. Easy to Manage


  • Customise your brand, url and accent colour
  • Control course selection
  • Manage  team members
  • Monitor progress

Structured courses with expert teachers

to help your organisation learn at their own pace


A few basic FAQs that will help you with your Perfectly Spoken Team

What are the System requirements to run Perfectly Spoken?

There’s no need to download or install any software on your computer to use Perfectly Spoken. Go to [yourteam].perfectlyspoken.team on your preferred web browser and log in to your account.

Perfectly Spoken  is designed to be mobile responsive, which means it will resize and adjust to your screen when you work on a mobile device. It has been developed with a mobile first approach to make sure mobile users get the best experienced.

Minimum system requirements:  2 Mbps internet speed

Supported browsers:  Perfectly Spoken requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of the features. Perfectly Spoken currently supports the latest two versions of all browsers, unless otherwise noted.

How do I get started?

You can start with the 14-day Free Trial Period now by self-registering your Team here


If you wish to apply for an upgrade to your Trial or have specific requirements for your Team, please fill in the appropriate contact form (Contact Us) for the Plan you are interested in, at teams.perfectlyspoken.com

What payment methods are accepted?

We support payments with credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and use Stripe as our payment gateway, requiring Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) . Invoices are issued immediately and can be downloaded by Team Admins in the Subscription section.


What is a ‘14-day Free Trial'?

The ’14-day Free Trial’ provides the opportunity for a number of key members of an organisation to trial or test Perfectly Spoken for Teams functionalities.

  • Team Admins have access to experience a complete overview of the comprehensive reporting and customisation functionalities, as well as all the current course outlines.
  • Team Members have immediate access to the Starter Plan lesson content for A1 to C1 so that can get a clear idea of the learning experience.

Team trials are automatically created on the Starter Plan but can be upgraded to include either the Essential or Premium Plans (please fill in the form in teams.perfectlyspoken.com to apply for changes in your Free Trial period)

No credit card or billing details are requested for the Free Trial.

As soon as a Plan is activated for a Team, the Trial Period ends.

You can start your 14-day Free Trial here https://teams.perfectlyspoken.com/auth/register

What are Admin seats and why are they counted as ‘users'?

An Admin is any member of your team that you chose to appoint as an ‘Admin’ in order for them to gain access to key reporting and monitoring functionality. A ‘Team’ can have as many ‘Admin Users’ as it chooses.

Each ‘Admin’ counts as a seat because it is a service which gives him/her access to valuable reporting and monitoring data which will then help the organisation use Perfectly Spoken for Teams in the most effective and cost-effective way. In addition, all Team Admins have full access as English language learners themselves, and can take full advantage of the courses and learning content available in their team’s plan.

What happens if I want to add or remove one of my team members half-way through a month?

You will have already paid for the complete month for the team member you wish to remove so that team member will have full access to the Team Plan until the end of the month (monthly billing period) . Once removed you will not be charged again for that user.

A new team member may be added at any time. If the month has already begun, that team member will only be charged pro rata for the proportion of the month remaining and a new, a new invoice will be generated for the additional seats. (For example, if a new team member joins half way through a 4 week month, she will only be charged 50% of the equivalent monthly fees for an individual team member). The system will present Admin with a Subscription Summary indicating the total amount to be paid in the subscription renewal.



Can I cancel the Team subscription at any time?

There’s no commitment to stay in a plan.
The renewal will happen automatically every month/year and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Cancelling the subscription will stop the automatic renewal but the whole Team will still have access to their Plan during the remainder of the paid for period.

Can I have a dashboard manual/course catalogue?

Yes. Whilst we have designed our Teams Dashboard to be as intuitive as possible to guide Admins to set up the team, assign courses and manage users, we also have  a step by step manual  that is available on request. This manual is currently available in English and Spanish. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to receive this document.

We also have a Course Catalogue that we update regularly. In that catalogue you can see courses available by plan, number of lessons, type of course, additional materials, etc. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to receive this catalogue.


In addition to the Team Plans what other online services can you offer?

Perfectly Spoken has at its disposal a wide range of expert and qualified teachers that cover many different areas of general and specialist English language training, which allow us to create the widest range of proprietary quality content for organisations of any size. Thus, Perfectly Spoken can also offer the following additional services . Including, but not limited to:

  • 1-2-1 lessons
  • Speaking practice groups
  • Bespoke Masterclasses (on topics of your choice)
  • Specially commissioned English language training courses
  • Training courses for English teachers
  • Additional downloadable and practice materials in different formats




What do I do if I need help? Can I contact a real person?

Simple answer … Yes! Our SLA to answer our customers’ requests is 48 hours during the working week, although most of them are answered within 24h. Please take into account our support is currently based at GMT time zone.

We also understand that some of our Admins may have limited English and may prefer to raise service issues in their own local language. We can currently support requests in Spanish, French and Italian.

You can contact our support at [email protected]

Perfectly Spoken is the

Digital Language Learning Product of the Year 2020