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Welcome to Perfectly Spoken for Teams

Empower your organisation with online English Learning

Online English Training for your Organisation

Our structured online English courses are designed to provide the best online corporate English training in a convenient and cost effective way. Allow the people in your team or organisation to improve their English online, whatever their level. If your need a powerful tool for your business to train staff, consider our Corporate English Training solution. If you are in an education institution and you need to support your student with English language, we can help you too.

Create a customised package to best suit the English language learning needs of your team members, staff, or students and give them unlimited access to all Perfectly Spoken courses and learning materials. We offer Online English training for a range of organisations of all sizes, including corporate English language training for businesses and packages for educational institutions.

English Training for Small and Medium Businesses

Help your key employees develop their English language skills and support your business needs. Self-paced. Maximum flexibility.

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English Training for Companies

Enable professional development for all your employees at all levels. Complete customisation, Fully scalable corporate English training online.

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English Training for Students

Self-directed online English language learning to complement existing curricula. Better prepare your students for the future.

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General English – Business English – Exam Preparation – Specialist English

Structured Online English Courses delivered by experienced and professional teachers. Available to organisations for flexible use.

English Training for Businesses

Let Perfectly Spoken for Teams be a scalable solution for your growing organisation, with great flexibility. Help your organisation improve their English skills with our corporate English training solutions. Our wide range of video lessons, online resources, and practice materials created by expert and professional teachers will meet your language requirements whatever the level of your employees. Our corporate English training plans allow you to customise the experience with corporate branding and allow your team members to learn on demand, at their own pace and on any internet connected device. Whether you are looking to improve the level of general English or business English across your team members, we can help.


Let your team members learn English online at their own pace. Monitor their progress.

A modern online English language learning experience that works for everyone


  • Easy to implement, easy to scale for business or education
  • Customise content to meet learning objectives set by you
  • Instant access. First class desktop and mobile experience for maximum accessibility
  • Best value On demand online learning for corporate and educational organisations

Highly engaging learning experience that delivers results for staff or students


  • Social, self-directed and easy to use
  • Fresh, up to date and relevant content
  • Taught by professional teachers for all abilities
  • Agile learning: Immediate access to 500+ lessons

Single Dashboard. Easy to Manage


  • Customise your brand, url and accent colour
  • Control course selection
  • Manage  team members
  • Monitor progress

English Language Teaching Expertise


All our teachers have

  • A Degree/Masters Degree from a UK University
  • CELTA/DELTA: highest specialist English Language Teaching qualification
  • An average of 15 years of active experience


Specialist Sectors include:
Human Resources, Finance, International Relations, Tourism, Pharmaceutical, Health and Science

Business English Courses for Companies


To help learners work more effectively and improve their knowledge and command of business English.

Corporate English language training topics covered in courses include:

  • Meeting Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Real life examples


Exam Preparation Courses


To help learners:

  • Prepare for internationally recognized English Exams
  • Learn key skills and Practice Techniques
  • Both Cambridge Examination and IELTS exam types covered in the courses.


Specialist English Courses

Focussed learning and industry specific courses

To help your learners:

  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Gain language proficiency
  • Study specialist topics in depth

News & Current Affairs Practice


To speak real English you need to learn with real English – that’s why we’ve partnered with global news agency Reuters so that the learners in your organisation can have the opportunity to fully support their language learning with authentic and current content. Learners will:

  • Talk about the latest news and current affairs
  • Express themselves with accuracy and authority
  • Enjoy fresh, up to date & relevant content

Courses included: News Flash powered by Reuters, News Flash Daily (Monday to Friday) and Weekend Review

500,000 individual students from 200 countries

are already learning English online with Perfectly Spoken


In a recent survey more than 96% of students said they would probably or definitely recommend Perfectly Spoken to a friend