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Perfectly Spoken for Teams

For Companies and Eductional Institutions

  • Unlimited access to structured courses
  • Branded platform  and Certificates
  • Easy user management
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring

Empower your organisation with online English Training

Packages and Solutions to learn English Online

We offer Online English training for a range of organisations of all sizes, including corporate English language training for businesses and packages for educational institutions. Create a customised package to best suit the English language learning needs of your team members, staff, or students.

Team Admins can:


  • Customise the learning platform
  • Manage users and monitor their progress
  • Access and export comprehensive reports
  • Engage users with notifications

Team Members can:


  • Learn with unlimited access to courses
  • Take tests, download activities
  • Study different courses simultaneously
  • Monitor their personal learning

All the English courses you need

General English, Grammar, Exam Preparation, Business English & other Specialist English Courses

Let your team members learn English online at their own pace. Monitor their progress.

English Training for Companies

Help your key employees develop their English language skills and support your business needs. Self-paced. Maximum flexibility.

English Training for Educational Institutions

Self-directed online English language learning to complement existing curricula. Better prepare your students for the future.

We have the best Teachers

Perfectly Spoken teachers have more than 15 years of classroom teaching experience each.

All teachers are highly qualified and they are specialists in IELTS and Cambridge English exams preparation.

Create your Account and discover how they can help you in a selection of lessons and learning materials.

Single Dashboard. Easy to Manage


  • Customise your brand, url and accent colour
  • Control course selection
  • Manage  team members
  • Monitor progress

English Training for Businesses

  • Let Perfectly Spoken for Teams be a scalable solution for your growing organisation, with great flexibility.
  • Help your organisation improve their English skills with our corporate English training solutions. Our wide range of video lessons, online resources, and practice materials created by expert and professional teachers will meet your language requirements whatever the level of your employees.
  • Our corporate English training plans allow you to customise the experience with corporate branding and allow your team members to learn on demand, at their own pace and on any internet connected device. Whether you are looking to improve the level of general English or business English across your team members, we can help.


Online English Training for your Organisation

Our structured online English courses are designed to provide the best online corporate English training in a convenient and cost effective way.

  • Allow the people in your team or organisation to improve their English skills online, whatever their level.
  • A powerful and flexible Corporate English Training solution.
  • Ideal for all education institutions who want to support their students with English language training.