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Our teachers and the whole team here at Perfectly Spoken wish to send our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the attack on its sovereignty.

Our thoughts are with them, their families, and friends as well as those in the region impacted by this deepening crisis and who are forced to look on with horror at what is happening to their neighbours.

We have already reached out to all our Ukrainian students individually. We will continue to provide whatever support we can to them and to our other students in the region.

One small contribution we can make is to extend our Scholarship Programme to as many students as possible -new or old- who will be or have been affected by this terrible conflict and who may benefit from joining our global English language learning community.

They will be able to join us when the time is right for them.

Perfectly Spoken Scholarship Programme



Please note that we are continuing to make our free Scholarship Programme available to any student affected by the war in Ukraine who may benefit from joining our global English language community.
Simply complete the short contact form below to fast track your application.



What is included in the Scholarship?

1 year full access to all our online courses and supporting learning materials, completely free of charge.


No payment details needed.
All you need is an email account and internet access. It is as simple as this.

You will need to commit to using the learning platform for at least 5 hours every month.


Full access free of charge for 1 year


  • General English & Grammar Courses A1 to C2
  • Official Exam Preparation Courses
  • Business & Professional English Courses
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Bite-size learning with real news (by kind permission of REUTERS)
  • Test your progress after each lesson
  • Additional activities to consolidate your learning

Live and interactive practice:

  • Access to our weekly live Masterclasses
  • Access to our live Open Classes

Iryna. From Ukraine, now staying with a host family in the UK

«Perfectly Spoken» наразі надає українцям  можливість безкоштовного доступу до навчального курсу. Курс зручний тим, що доступний для перегляду в будь-який час та в будь-якій кількості повторень. Кожен урок містить в собі додаткове відео з практичними заняттями та завершується контрольними тестами, за результатами яких Ви може оцінити свою успішність. Даний курс – це проста і доступна всім українцям можливість інтегруватися в дружню англомовну спільноту.


Perfectly Spoken currently gives Ukrainians free access to the training course. The course is convenient because it is available for viewing at any time and can be re-watched multiple times. Each lesson contains an additional video with practical classes and ends with a control test, the results of which help you assess your success. This course is a simple and accessible opportunity for Ukrainians to integrate into a friendly English-speaking community.

Please note.

If you are a student and would like to apply to join our Scholarship Programme

but have not been affected by the war in Ukraine

Apply for General Scholarship

Thank you.