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Full access to all Perfectly Spoken courses for only $30/mo.

Business English, IELTS Exam Preparation Courses and much more

Business English – Exam Preparation – Specialist English

Speaking Practice Groups


Do you want to practise speaking English with a Perfectly Spoken teacher?

This is an interesting and fun way to practice your English speaking skills.

  • Speak English with a Perfectly Spoken teacher support.
  • Meet other students online from different countries.
  • Immediate teacher feedback to help you improve your fluency.
  • Talk about interesting, current topics to expand your vocabulary.
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Unlimited access to all General English (A1 to C1), Advanced and Specialist English Courses and materials. New Courses added regularly.

Practice Tests after each Lesson

Check your progress with a test after each lesson to consolidate your learning and help prepare for your final Course Assessment.

Extra learning materials

Downloadable study materials (grammar sheets and vocabulary bank), listening practice and reading comprehension exercises.

Certificate of Completion

Get your official Perfectly Spoken Certificate of Course Completion once you have passed your final Course Assessment.

Courses available on the PRO Plan

Access to all our Advanced and Specialist English Courses to boost your Business English or prepare for Official Exams

*NEW *
C2 Online English Proficiency

Take your English to a highly competent level.  Learn to master the language and communicate with fluency and sophistication. This exciting advanced level course is designed to elevate your English, pushing you out of your comfort zone to discover the finer nuances of the English language.


A2 Key for Schools

The A2 Key for Schools course is an engaging and fun way to practise the important vocabulary you need to pass the speaking exam. The lessons introduce you to key topics such as Food and Drink, Free Time and The Natural World. There are lots of interesting activities to do that will help you to become more confident in using English. Each lesson also includes exam skills and finishes with a top tip!

Business English Vocabulary

This business English course looks at major business areas in depth. You will work through topics such as Finance, Marketing and Human Resources, building your vocabulary and increasing your ability to discuss key issues associated with each department. The lessons equip you with the language and terminology you need to understand and communicate effectively.

Cambridge English B2 First (FCE) – Speaking Exam

This course is designed to familiarise you with the different parts of the exam, what you are expected to do and what the examiners will be looking for. Each lesson covers a key skill that will increase your ability to perform well. The lessons also provide targeted practice of typical exam style questions.

Effective Communication: Describing Trends

Being able to accurately and effectively describe change is an important skill in areas such as Business English and Social English and especially for preparing for official exams. This course covers each area, looking at key vocabulary, reviewing grammar forms and building a range of verbs. By the end of the 5 lessons you will be able to interpret data and describe trends that are taking place where you live.

Effective English Writing Skills

This course will help you to increase your ability to write in English an appropriate style and manner, for emailing, reports, taking minutes or writing instructions. You will focus on common errors, look at examples and become better equipped to identify and correct your mistakes, making you more independent and accurate in your writing.

Effective Vocabulary Skills

This course is essential for anyone studying English. Packed with useful and realistic tips on how to maximise your vocabulary learning, these lessons will guide you through strategies and give you practical solutions to increase your ability to learn and retain new vocabulary. The result will make your study strategies more effective and make you a more efficient and successful learner.

Elementary Pronunciation

This course focuses on key sounds in the English language and examines how to apply them when speaking. Each lesson concentrates on comparing and contrasting a pair of vowel sounds and a pair of consonant sounds. This targeted practice with repetition and exercises will enable you to become familiar with common sounds, avoid typical errors and feel more confident when speaking and spelling in English.

English for Hospitality: Front of House

This course is designed for anyone working, or intending to work in the hospitality industry. Packed with key vocabulary, the lessons will also equip you with essential skills such as managing enquiries and dealing with problems. Upon completion, you will be better able to interact with guests in a professional, polite and helpful manner.

English for Job Applications and Interviews

This course looks at all the issues involved in looking for a job in English. The beginning of the course concentrates on the documentation needed, including CVs, resumes and cover letters. The second half of the course is focussed on interview techniques, including difficult questions, competency based interviewing, and group interviews. At the end of this course you will be fully prepared to find a job in English.

Everyday English Course

This course will help you to communicate with native speakers in a natural way. Covering areas such as ordering in a restaurant, asking for information at a bus station and how to respond to common expressions, these lessons will equip you with the vocabulary you need to speak English in everyday situations.

Film English

Be entertained! Improve your English through watching, analysing and discussing films. In this course you will look at popular film genres, focus on a classic example in each one and in doing so, build your vocabulary.  We will consider Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, Horror, Action and Animation. Have fun finding out about the actors and actresses, focus on successful directors and learn interesting facts. Each genre contains a task for you to research, so you will put your English into practice!

IELTS Life Skills Course

If you need to pass the IELTS Life Skills Assessment, then this course is for you. Designed to replicate the style of questions and tasks you will meet, each lesson will prepare you to face the exam with confidence.

IELTS Speaking Course

Essential for anyone intending to take IELTS, this course looks at commonly occurring topics and practises typical exam style questions in parts 1,2 and 3.
Through analysis and practice, you will understand what the examiners are looking for and how to achieve a high score.

IELTS Speaking Course 2

Building on the IELTS Speaking Course, this series of 10 lessons covers a further range of topics that are common in the exam. As well as practising exam style questions, each lesson focuses on a key area that will help you to improve your score. Essential for anyone intending to take IELTS.

Meeting Skills: English For Meetings

This is a business course which focuses on the key skills and language you need to participate in meetings in English. Each lesson examines a different area, introducing and practising essential phrases, grammar points and techniques for you to feel confident in taking part, contributing and leading a meeting.

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are widely used in the English language, they are therefore important to enhance the level of your spoken English. They are also very important for your listening skills. If you communicate with native speakers, it is highly likely that they will use phrasal verbs. This course covers common phrasal verbs which will help your comprehension.

Presentation Skills English Course

This is a business course aimed at equipping you with the skills and language you need to present effectively in English. Covering technique as well as language, each lesson will guide you through the steps of creating a presentation that is both efficient and dynamic.

Travel English Course

This is a practical course that covers all aspects of travel in the UK. Each lesson covers a key part of your trip, helping you to feel confident in using English. A special focus on key landmarks in London, British culture and etiquette as well as places worth visiting outside of the capital city, means that you will feel fully prepared to make the most of your trip to the UK.


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  • Practice tests after each lesson
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  • Speaking Practice Groups

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Andrea G

The teachers were both funny and professional at the same time… very friendly, open and encouraging.. Excellent people

Naveed S

It’s a really amazing experience for me to watch English spoken lessons. English is not my mother language, so we need good teachers to improve our English language. I am very happy to find brilliant teachers here on this page.

Maressa B.

Hello! I want to say a big thank you for the website and the classes. My teacher, Andy Nicoll is absolutely excellent and I really enjoy his classes. He is very intelligent and make the classes wonderful. Thank you very much!