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1) What are Cambridge English Exams?

More correctly, Cambridge English is Cambridge English Language Assessment and is part of the University of Cambridge. It has been providing English language assessments and qualifications for over a century. Cambridge English exams are taken by over 5 million people each year.

2) What are the key Cambridge English exams for adults?

Cambridge English: Key (KET), – Perfectly Spoken Course A2 – Pre –Intermediate
Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) – Perfectly Spoken Course B1 – Intermediate
Cambridge English: First (FCE) – Perfectly Spoken Course B2 – Upper-Intermediate
Cambridge English : Advanced (CAE) – Perfectly Spoken Course C1 – Advanced
Cambridge English: Proficiency: (CPE)
These exams are designed for learners who need English for work, study and travel and KET, PET and FEC help learners who want to work to get higher level qualifications such as CAE and CPE. One of the practical advantages of these exams is that they are based on real-life situations, helping you develop the skills you need to communicate confidently and effectively

3) Do I need to take a Cambridge English exam?

CAMBRIDGE EXAMS can help you live work or study in another country. If you want to go into higher education or work in another country then it is likely that you will need to show you have passed one of the more advanced Cambridge English exams or have a reasonably high IELTS score.

4) Are Cambridge English Exams Important to Study at University?

Cambridge English qualifications are accepted by universities, businesses and governments all over the world and often provide the opportunity to get access to higher education and job opportunities.
In particular Cambridge English : Advanced (CAE) is used by many universities as part of their entrance exam or an alternative to taking a separate exam to show you have a sufficiently advanced level of English to attend the course.
In some countries such as Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine it is used to gain exemption from the English component of their school leaving exams

5) Are Cambridge English Exams Important for Working in the UK and other Countries?

Cambridge English exams can help you get work visas for countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada, US and Australia. Cambridge English exams are widely accepted as high-quality proof of language ability. They can open doors for you to live, work and study in English-speaking countries and almost anywhere in the world. You may need to apply for a visa before travelling to study or work in another country. As part of your application, you may have to prove your language ability is at a particular level, or your language skills will be taken into account in other ways when your visa application is considered.

6) Where can I take a Cambridge English Exam?

There are 2800 centres in 130 countries round the world where you can take Cambridge English exams. So there will probably be a centre near you! Have a look at the Cambridge English website to find your nearest centre

7) Do I need to attend an official Cambridge English centre to prepare for the test?

No. The authorized centres show that they can provide the administration and customer service necessary to conduct the exams properly and the centres are inspected to make sure they meet the right standards. In some instances, the centre also teaches English and of course, you can choose to study there as well. However, the examiners are completely independent and you can learn English and prepare for the exams wherever and however you like.

8) Should I study BRITISH ENGLISH or AMERICAN ENGLISH, for the exams?

This is not a relevant question for the exams. Cambridge English accepts different varieties of English and learners don’t need to have a certain English accent. The important thing is to communicate in a clear and effective way. So the best approach is to watch and listen to different types of accents

9) Can PERFECTLY SPOKEN help prepare me for the Cambridge English exams?

Yes. Our teachers created their courses to help you prepare for the different Cambridge exams. Perfectly Spoken teachers are highly experienced professionals who all have experience of preparing students for different Cambridge English exams in the classroom and with one-to-one lessons online. We share the same objective as Cambridge English: All our lessons are designed to help you communicate well and confidently in real-life situations. In some cases, they have also worked as Speaking examiners for Cambridge English so they know how the exams are conducted and have incorporated this knowledge into their courses with Perfectly Spoken. In the future we will be offering dedicated exam preparation courses for the different Cambridge English exams

10) What is the format?

Like IELTS, these exams cover the four skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening

11) Any other advice?

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