Business English for Individuals

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Pro Plan Subscription: A complete package for just $30/mo

The subscription that gives you unlimited access to all A1 to C2 (Elementary to Proficiency) General English Courses with additional learning materials, and:


Business English Courses:


  • Develop your English vocabulary skills and learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of business scenarios, such as presentations and meetings.
  • On demand video lessons with downloadable practice activities and lesson tests, created and delivered by expert teachers
  • New courses and materials are created and added regularly

A unique opportunity to improve your Business English speaking skills by practising with other business professionals from around the world every week


Business English Speaking Practice Groups


  • Under the guidance and supervision of a highly experienced Perfectly Spoken Business English Trainer to ensure accurate feedback and correction to ensure you make real and practical improvements
  • Join fellow professionals from around to world and practise speaking about topics in the world of business that are relevant to you.

News Flash Business

Perfect your Business vocabulary as well as your Listening and Reading skills with mini lessons based on the latest news  in the world of business.


  • With practical learning activities created and prepared by expert teachers
  • Fresh, relevant and topical content is added each week
  • Improve your confidence and accuracy when you speak about the latest global business stories in the news today




“5 minutes of News Flash Business is a great way to practise Business English with topics that are in the news now”

The flexibility you want with the convenience you need that fits with your work-life balance

Business English Masterclasses

  • On demand Masterclasses recorded live with interactive Q&A and delivered by highly experienced Perfectly Spoken Business English Trainers.
  • Focus on some of the essential topics for the business professional of today working as part of the new global business community.



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