One to One online English lessons


Private lessons with a qualified and expert Perfectly Spoken Teacher

Ideal if you want:

  • To accelerate your learning
  • To increase your fluency
  • Individual attention: practice and correction
  • Expert help from your teacher with all areas of speaking English : pronunciation, grammar…
  • Bespoke lessons: customised to what you want to learn, and how often.


Perfect for official exam preparation support and business English specific needs.

One to One teaching is not part of any Perfectly Spoken subscription Plan.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers available for online Private Teaching


Perfectly Spoken teachers have more than 15 years of classroom teaching experience each. All teachers are highly qualified and they are specialists in IELTS and Cambridge English exams preparation.


Stephanie Marston

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Andy Nicoll

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Anna Cochrane

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Sara Djuric

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Stuart Lewis

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Oliver Sutton

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Natalie Gommon

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What our students have to say

Andrea G

My teacher was both funny and professional at the same time… very friendly, open and encouraging. Excellent

Naveed S

It’s a really amazing experience for me to watch Perfectly Spoken English lessons and to practise my English with one to one lessons. English is not my mother tongue so we need good teachers to improve our English language… I am very happy to find brilliant teachers here at this page

Maressa B.

Hello! I want to say a big thank you for the website and the classes. My teacher is absolutely excellent and I really enjoy the classes. My teacher is very intelligent and makes the classes wonderful. Thank you very much!