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Welcome to News Flash


Learn English with authentic news from professional journalists from across the world


  • Topics include technology, sports, health, business, the weather, entertainment and fun!
  • With wide range of articles from around the globe and with famous people speaking in English.

News Flash and News Flash Daily

are available exclusively to Student Plan and Pro Plan subscribers.


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“To speak real English you need to learn with real English”

5 minute lessons at your level

  • Choose Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Watch the mini news video (1 -2 mins)
  • Study the vocabulary & grammar sections
  • Test yourself

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Latest news refreshed weekly
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Your News Flash Course:

  • There are 3 News Flash Courses, one at each level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Just 5 minutes a day, 3 times every week will help you improve your English

Each lesson has:

  • A mini news video (1-2mins) with transcript – most include captions in English
  • Vocabulary and Grammar sections for each level
  • A lesson test at your level

With News Flash you will:

  • Improve your Listening and Reading comprehension
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Build your confidence

Remember you can take your News Flash course at the same time as your other courses


News Flash powered by Reuters


A daily routine to improve your listening and reading comprehension in a natural way

Watch some of the latest news. Fresh news every week. Don’t miss it!

  • Latest news in natural English
  • Short videos (1-2 minutes)
  • Audio and captions/transcripts
  • 1 post Mon to Fri + Weekend Review

News Flash Daily helps you:


  • Improve your listening and reading skills
  • Listen for the gist (general meaning)
  • Gain confidence with natural English


Ideal if you want to watch tv and films in English



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Learn real English from real news with tasks created by real teachers


Why is ‘real and authentic’ so important?

Language learning experts agree that using real and authentic content is essential for students to learn and assimilate language. Authentic material is rich in vocabulary and expressions and importantly, it’s the language that native speakers use.

  • It reflects the kind of situations that you will experience in an English-speaking environment
  • It motivates you to communicate with all speakers of English because it makes communication ‘real’
  • It builds your confidence to manage in real-life situations
  • It helps you acquire more meaningful language

Every student from Elementary to Advanced can learn from genuine English-speaking news. It’s a satisfying achievement to interact with English in a real way!