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Latest news and current affairs to improve your English.

Perfectly Spoken has teamed up with global news organization Reuters to offer a unique combination of the latest news and current affairs from around the world with special tasks created by experts at Perfectly Spoken to help English Language students improve their English

With News Flash we create tasks at ALL levels from Elementary to Advanced. We do not edit and grade the content: it is completely real and authentic and written by some of the best professional journalists from around the world

What is News Flash?

  • We select fresh news and current affairs content each week in the form of Videos, Listening and Reading texts.
  • We then design special tasks for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels to help you practise your listening and reading comprehension and increase your vocabulary.
  • A few minutes of your time will make a big difference. All of the items and tasks are also short: they are designed to take only a few minutes to complete; which is how most of us absorb our news on a daily basis and that’s why we call it News Flash.


News Flash is available exclusively to Student Plan and Pro Plan subscribers.

  • Simply go to your Student or Pro account, choose ‘courses’ and select News Flash.
  • Look through the articles and choose news items that interest you.
  • Do the task that is at your level and improve your English.

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Why is ‘real and authentic’ so important?

Language learning experts agree that using real and authentic content is essential for students to learn and assimilate language. Authentic material is rich in vocabulary and expressions and importantly, it’s the language that native speakers use.

  • It reflects the kind of situations that you will experience in an English-speaking environment
  • It motivates you to communicate with all speakers of English because it makes communication ‘real’
  • It builds your confidence to manage in real-life situations
  • It helps you acquire more meaningful language

Every student from Elementary to Advanced can learn from genuine English-speaking news. It’s a satisfying achievement to interact with English in a real way!


News Flash   


Learn real English from real news with tasks created by real teachers