How It Works

All courses include:

  • 10 lessons (50 minutes per lesson)
  • Homework exercises set by the teacher after each lesson
  • Option to record the lesson
  • Additional learning resources

Speaking Booster

  • Gain confidence and fluency
  • Learn new vocabulary and expressions
  • Practise talking about topics which are important to you
  • Personalized grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation correction
  • Practise understanding your teacher’s natural spoken English

Grammar Booster

  • Work on a variety of key grammar areas with an expert teacher
  • Review the most important tenses and structures
  • Clarify and correct grammar areas that you find confusing
  • Learn how to use the grammar confidently when speaking
  • Eliminate the grammar errors you frequently make

Vocabulary Booster

  • Learn lots of new words and expressions with an expert teacher
  • Get the pronunciation right to use the words with confidence
  • Gain the ability to use more varied language when expressing yourself
  • Learn the language for topics and situations that you need English for
  • Practise challenging areas such as phrasal verbs

Exam Booster: Cambridge English/Trinity/IELTS

  • Aimed at students intending to take an official exam
  • Course options include Cambridge English (First, Advanced or Proficiency), IELTS, Trinity College, TOEFL
  • Familiarize yourself with the format of the exam
  • Practise questions from real exam papers
  • Work through all the different parts of the exam with an expert teacher
  • Learn exam techniques and how to approach each question type