Perfectly Spoken Scholarship Programme


Autumn 2023 applications

500 new places available

Application Period Closed

All applicant have been individually contacted on 26th October with the result of their application


Who is this for?

The Perfectly Spoken Scholarship Programme was specifically created to provide opportunities to learn English for adults (18+) who are refugees or from countries that are war-torn or in conflict. We also welcome applications from learners who come from low to middle income countries where for whatever reason it is difficult or impossible to access and pay for quality English language training that can provide potentially life-changing opportunities.

What’s included in the scholarship

1 year full access to

  • All Perfectly Spoken English online language courses for self study
  • Unlimited access to Live Classes, Masterclasses and Conversation Café for 1 year

All completely free of charge

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Who can apply? Are there any conditions?

Yes. You need to confirm

  • You are 18+
  • You have an internet connected device
  • You will commit to learning on our platform a min 5 hours each month

And you will also need to

  • Write a short explanation as to why and how learning English can help you
  • Provide the contact details of someone who can be your reference (a professional contact like a teacher, doctor employer who has known you for more than 1 year)


Since 2019 Perfectly Spoken has been working with individuals as well as UK based and international NGOs that look to provide English language training and support for refugees and other students whose lives can be changed by learning and improving their English language skills.

The common thread is the same… people who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own are not looking for charity but empowerment. The opportunity to develop English language skills empowers leaners by potentially providing them with a route to life changing opportunities in the fields of study and work.

Thet Htar Swe Zin - Burma

Thet Htar, 21. University student. Burma


Braken, 23. Software engineer. Algeria

In September 2021 we launched our first ever annual Scholarship Programme.

The specific objective of the Programme is to provide disadvantaged students genuinely free and unlimited access to all our courses. To date more than 2000 students in the UK and across a further 38 countries have benefitted from the Programme.

For year 2022-23 we are expanding the Programme and will offer an additional 1000 places, which will meet our goal of having a total of 3500 Scholarship Students for the coming year.

Perfectly Spoken Scholarship Programme:

Making a difference together. English for everyone

What is included in the Scholarship?


1 year full access to all our online courses and supporting learning materials, completely free of charge.

Self-study. Unlimited access for 1 year to:

  • General English & Grammar Courses A1 to C2
  • Official Exam Preparation Courses
  • Business & Professional English Courses
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Bite-size learning with real news (by kind permission of REUTERS)
  • Test your progress after each lesson
  • Additional activities to consolidate your learning


Live and interactive practice. Unlimited access for 1 year to:

  • Weekly live Masterclasses
  • Live Classes from Monday to Saturday
  • Conversation Café: meet & speak online with other students from our English learning community


No payment details needed.
All you need is an email account and internet access. It is as simple as this.

You will need to commit to using the learning platform for at least 5 hours every month.

Farhad. University student. Afghanistan