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Podcasts For English Learners from Perfectly Spoken


Practice and improve your Listening Skills with English Language Podcasts


Our podcast for English series is a great way to build on your English skills and can be used on its own or alongside our online English Courses.

  • Specially created audio programmes in English
  • Recorded and available to download from the best podcast platforms
  • Listen on the go: whenever and wherever
  • Listen on any device or app

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Using English learning podcasts can really help improve your listening skills and your vocabulary. We carefully create our podcast for English learners using real English people talking about real situations and topics. Our popular Talk Show is a weekly podcast interview with an English person talking about their life, work, and more. We also have mini podcasts for English that offer short lessons to listen to on the go or perhaps before bed each night. These bite-sized English lessons are a great way to improve your language skills. We also have an “ask your teacher” section of the podcast where you can submit questions that will be answered on the podcast. Your question may be something other people also want to ask so it can help you and many others too!


Learn on the go with Perfectly Spoken Podcasts for English series

Mini Podcasts

Bite-sized English lessons

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Talk Show

Your favourite weekly interview show 

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Ask Your Teacher

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Mini English Podcasts

Mini lessons to make your English learning easy and convenient

  • 2-3 minutes
  • Listen on the go
  • Interesting topics
  • Essential vocabulary

Talk Show English Podcast

COMING SOON: Talk Show Course

Available in the Student Plan and Pro Plan Subscriptions

  • Access to all Talk Show recordings on demand
  • Download & Listen at your convenience
  • Transcripts to help your comprehension


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A new English Language podcast channel that answers your questions about grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation…

We know you are a good student. You work hard, you study hard, you listen, you follow your teacher’s instructions in the lessons but…sometimes…you have a question about something you don’t understand and you want to ask your teacher. Don’t worry, now you can ask your teacher.


Have you got a question? We want to hear from you!

Your question can help everybody.

How to Send your Question


1) Think about your question and write it down.

2) Record a voice message (preferably, but we also accept text messages).

Start your message: Hello, I’m (name) from (country) and my level is (A2/B1 or Elementary-Intermediate…). My question is…..

Please make sure you speak slowly and clearly so your teacher and all the other students can understand you when they listen to your question.

3) Send your message:


By submitting your questions you agree to them being made public and accept our Terms and Conditions.


What we do with your questions:


1)    We choose the most interesting questions and ask your teacher to record the answer for you.

2)    We record a podcast that all students will be able to listen to and learn from.

3)    We make a list of podcasts and questions. Check if your name is on the list!


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Ask Your Teacher


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