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IELTS Level: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5
Cambridge: B2 First (FCE)

Writing Skills for Exams

If you are preparing to sit a written exam in English, then this course is for you. Packed with practical advice and providing you with plenty of opportunities to practise your written English, the course covers the key areas of writing – essay writing, letter writing, articles, reports and proposals. In addition, you will focus on the critical exam skills of planning, checking for errors and understanding marking schemes.

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5 Lessons

Course Info

The objective of this course is to focus on:

  • Developing vocabulary around a topic
  • Understanding formality
  • Organising and sequencing linkers
  • Providing requested information
  • Using engaging language
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 01 - Essay Writing
  • Lesson 02 - Letter Writing
  • Lesson 03 - Articles
  • Lesson 04 - Reports and Proposals
  • Lesson 05 - Troubleshooting

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Course Level

From B2

This course is useful for:


  • Students preparing to sit an exam in English
  • Students who have to write in English
  • Upper intermediate level students wishing to develop their skill set
  • Students attending university courses in English

Course Content


  • 5 video lessons
  • 5 tests
  • 5 downloadable practice activities

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The Teachers

Anna Cochrane
Anna Cochrane

Anna Cochrane has been a project manager and journalist on business publications before dedicating herself to teaching English. She uses her experience making presentations, interacting with clients, and writing effectively to help our business students achieve their goals. She has also spent many years preparing students for Cambridge exams (IELTS, CAE, FCE, PET and KET) with an excellent rate of success. As a speaker of Spanish, Catalan and French, she has a real understanding of what it’s like to learn a foreign language. She’s travelled all over the world, and her interests include photography, cooking and dress-making.