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IELTS Level: 4.0, 4.5
Cambridge: B1 Preliminary (PET)

Effective Communication: Describing Trends

Being able to accurately and effectively describe change is an important skill in areas such as Business English and Social English and especially for preparing for official exams. This course covers each area, looking at key vocabulary, reviewing grammar forms and building a range of verbs. By the end of the 5 lessons you will be able to interpret data and describe trends that are taking place where you live.

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5 Lessons

Course Info

The objective of this course is to focus on:

  • Describing social trends
  • Describing business trends
  • Using visuals
  • Interpreting data
  • Making comparisons
  • Future trends
  • Lesson 01 – Social Trends

In this lesson you will:  Describe social trends/ Grammar: Review present continuous/ Vocabulary: Focus on verbs to describe trends

  • Lesson 02 – Business Trends

In this lesson you will: Vocabulary: Practise Numbers / Grammar: Examine Prepositions / Discuss Business Trends

  • Lesson 03 – Using Visuals

In this lesson you will: Vocabulary: Practise using graphs and charts/ Grammar: Review adjectives and adverbs/ Discuss the topic of crime

  • Lesson 04 – Making Comparisons

In this lesson you will: Discuss Consumer Trends / Vocabulary : Practise Language for Making Comparisons /Grammar: Review Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

  • Lesson 05 – Future Trends

In this lesson you will: Vocabulary: Practise Discussing Travel and Tourism / Interpret more complex Charts /Grammar: Focus on Future Trends

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Course Level

From B1

This is course is useful for:

  • Students using English at work.
  • Students preparing for IELTS.
  • Students preparing for Cambridge English: B2 First.

Course Content


  • 5 video lessons
  • 10 question test after each lesson
  • 10 downloadable practice exercises

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The Teachers

Elen Evans
Elen Evans

Elen Evans has over eighteen years experience working as an English teacher in Italy, Portugal, Egypt, UK and Spain. She has taught all levels from beginner to proficiency, including exam preparation courses such as PET, KET, FCE and CAE and she has worked as a Cambridge oral examiner for years. She has also worked for the British Council on various occasions, where she trained for and obtained her Cambridge DELTA certificate. She has also worked as a teacher trainer.As well as being an experienced and passionate English teacher, she is trained in Natural Sciences and loves teaching science through English especially to children
She is delighted to be part of the Perfectly Spoken team as she sees online teaching and learning as realistic and complementary to our world today.