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IELTS Level: 9
Cambridge: C2 Proficiency (CPE)

*NEW *
C2 Online English Proficiency

Take your English to a highly competent level.  Learn to master the language and communicate with fluency and sophistication. This exciting advanced level course is designed to elevate your English, pushing you out of your comfort zone to discover the finer nuances of the English language.


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25 Lessons

Course Info

This exciting advanced level course is designed to elevate your English, pushing you out of your comfort zone to discover the finer nuances of the English language. Covering a wide range of stimulating and thought-provoking topics, from Films to Politics, from The Natural World to Finance, each lesson will challenge you to expand your vocabulary, as well as guide you on how to use it to optimum effect. You will consider features of fluent speech, discover “other” English and explore new words entering the language.

For the first time, the course will feature 5 Perfectly Spoken teachers giving you the chance to learn with different accents and teaching styles.

Packed with rich vocabulary, upon completion you will have deepened your understanding of some of the finer points of the English language such as using irony, expressing attitude, exploiting slang and of course understanding British humour!

  • Lesson 01 Anecdotes
  • Lesson 02 Humour
  • Lesson 03 Film English
  • Lesson 04 Articles
  • Lesson 05 REVIEW 1
    Lesson 06 Law and Order
  • Lesson 07 Being vague
  • Lesson 08 The Arts
    Lesson 09 Idiomatic English 1: Situations
  • Lesson 10 REVIEW 2
  • Lesson 11 The News - Available  from July
  • Lesson 12 Easily confused words - Available  from July
  • Lesson 13 Finance and Economy - Available  from July
    Lesson 14 Phrasal Verbs 1 - Available  from July
  • Lesson 15 REVIEW 3 - Available  from July
  • Lesson 16 Cycle of Life - Available  from July
  • Lesson 17 Word play - Available  from July
  • Lesson 18 Nostalgia - Available  from July
  • Lesson 19 Expressing attitude - Available  from July
  • Lesson 20 REVIEW 4 - Available  from July
  • Lesson 21 Clothes and Fashion - Available  from July
  • Lesson 22 Connotations - Available  from July
  • Lesson 23 Academic English - Available  from July
  • Lesson 24 Negative Inversion - Available  from July
  • Lesson 25 REVIEW 5 - Available  from July

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Course Level


This course is useful for students:


  • Students preparing for C2 Proficiency Exam (formerly CPE)
  • Students who  want to study or work in a very senior professional or academic environment
  • Students who want to elevate their English and discover the finer nuances of the English language.

Course Content


  • 60 video lessons
  • 10 question test after each lesson
  • Downloadable Grammar Summary & Vocabulary Bank (Review Lessons)
  • Listening & Reading Comprehension Practice (Review Lessons)

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The Teachers

Perfectly Spoken Teachers
Perfectly Spoken Teachers

English Language Teaching Expertise

All our teachers have

  • A Degree/Masters Degree from a UK University
  • CELTA/DELTA: highest specialist English Language Teaching qualification
  • An average of 15 years active experience


Specialist Sectors include:
Human Resources, Finance, International Relations, Tourism, Pharmaceutical, Health and Science