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IELTS Level: 3.0
Cambridge: A2 Key (KET)

Younger Learners: A2 English Tenses

Are you studying for Cambridge A2 Key for Schools? Do you need to be more confident with English tenses?
This short course covers key tenses you need at this level.
The lessons are fun, interactive and designed to give you lots of practice!

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5 Lessons

Course Info

Course Objectives

To review and practise

  • Present simple
  • Past simple
  • Present continuous
  • Future
  • Key verbs
  • Tense review


  • Lesson 01 - Present Simple
  • Lesson 02 - Past Simple
  • Lesson 03 - Present Continuous
  • Lesson 04 - Future Tense
  • Lesson 05 - Review

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Course Level

From A2

This course is useful for:


  • Younger learners who want to revise important tenses
  • Students preparing for Cambridge A2 Key for Schools Exam
  • Students who study English at school

Course Content


  • 5 video lessons
  • 10 question test after each lesson
  • 5 downloadable practice exercises

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The Teachers

Sara Djuric
Sara Djuric

Sara has hands-on and online ESL teaching experience at different levels, working for a number of schools and universities in New Zealand and for highly reputable online language schools. Over the years, she has taught a variety of general and business English courses as well as closed cultural groups and exam preparation courses and invigilated a number of IELTS exams. Sara speaks four languages fluently which has always given her amazing connection and rapport with her students from all over the globe.