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IELTS Level: 1.0, 2.0
Cambridge: A1

A1 – Elementary Online English Course

The A1 Course is an excellent introduction to English for Beginners or for students with very limited English. This is an essential starting point for anyone interested in IELTS or preparing for Cambridge English exams such as Cambridge Key (KET)

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60 Lessons

Course Info

A1 Elementary Online English Course


The A1 online English course is made up of 60 high quality video lessons.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to form important verbs.
  • Talk about daily routine.
  • Describe people you know and things that you have.
  • Understand how to give personal information.
  • Study everyday expressions and understand when they are used by other people.
  • Communicate things you might need in simple day-to-day situations.


This course is suitable for:

  • Beginner level students.
  • Students preparing for Cambridge English: Key (KET).
  • Students preparing for IELTS Life Skills Speaking and Listening.


How the course works:

  • Each video covers a different topic.
  • You can watch the lesson when you want.
  • You can watch the lesson as many times as you want.


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The A1 Course is an excellent introduction to English for Beginners or for students with very limited English language skills. This is an essential starting point for anyone interested in IELTS or preparing for Cambridge English exams such as KET.

Our  tutors are some of our most experienced and qualified English teachers and they have created the lessons for this course just for you. These lessons will help you learn and practice English skills including vocabulary, speaking and pronunciation.



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Perfectly Spoken is a unique and new way to learn English online. We know that some people use their phone to learn English, others use a tablet or a laptop. So we have made all our courses and videos work on any device at any time of day or night. You can learn how and when you like!


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What Would A1 Level English Be Useful For?


This level of English would be suitable for very simple conversations like the ones likely to be had on holiday or when travelling in an English speaking country. It would also be suitable for meeting people coming from English speaking countries and to be able to great them and have a basic conversation. A1 Level English is not suitable for working in English speaking countries or for school or collage.


How Does The Course Work?

This A1 Elementary English Course what is known as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and is made up of 10 high quality video lessons taught by a highly skilled English speaking teacher. These lessons can be watched on any device and many people choose to learn on their phones and tablets as well as laptops. The lessons can be watched as many times as you would like so if you find something hard you can go back and do it again and again. As you complete the lessons you can follow your progress on your own learning dashboard so you will never forget which lesson you are on. Because our courses are free forever you can come back to lessons even when you have moved on to the next course.


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When you sign up for our online English courses you will have access to all of our Online English Courses and lessons. This means you can access  A2, B1B2 and C1 video lessons and so much more. For many of you, this is a very useful way to review and practice lessons from lower levels and make sure you have learned everything perfectly.

We do not ask for credit card details, all you need to do is register your name and email, confirm your email and then simply start learning. You can access the lessons on your phone, laptop, tablet, PC or all of them depending on where you are and where you want to learn. This kind of MOOC is highly popular and for good reason, you get to take full English courses and work at your own speed and learn however you want to.

If you are looking for something more specific, check out the Pro Plan for people looking to learn business English and more to start a job in the UK or an English speaking country.

The Teachers

David de Jager
David de Jager

David is Managing Director of Perfectly Spoken but at the same time still passionate about teaching English and regularly teaches students online.

David graduated with a degree in Law and many years later gained a Masters in Business Administration and particularly enjoys teaching students with specialist business requirements.

David is a highly qualified English Language teacher. He has both Cambridge CELTA and DELTA along with many years of classroom experience in countries such as Turkey and Spain as well as his home country, the UK. He has taught students of all ages and with very different needs. He has been particularly successful in preparing students for Cambridge exams: PET, First (FCE), CAE and CPE.

He loves working online and the opportunities that provide for both teachers and students and are really enjoying the new challenge of helping create a new, Perfectly Spoken Foundation course for A1 learners; that is for learners with little or no English at all.