Conversation Café ☕

by Perfectly Spoken

Boost your English by speaking online with other students from around the world

Meet and speak with other students online. Improve your speaking skills with relaxed conversations. Guided by a moderator.

Led by a moderator, these sessions promote fluency and build confidence by encouraging you to express yourself freely in English -just like being with friends in a café!

Meet other students and discuss engaging topics like travel, food, hobbies, in a supportive environment to enhance your English-speaking skills.

Welcome to your new Conversation Café


  • Meet and speak with other students from our global community
  • Improve your speaking skills with relaxed conversations
  • Guided by a moderator.

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Join the Conversation Café to:

  • Improve your fluency in speaking
    Conversations are English-only with other motivated learners.
    Regular practice will increase your fluency and your confidence to express yourself more comfortably in English.


  • Enjoy equal speaking opportunities
    Sessions are moderated to make sure everyone has the chance to speak and no one person dominates the conversation. This creates an inclusive and supportive environment for all our students.


  • Share your interest and expand your knowledge
    Explore a wide range of interesting topics, from current events to culture, technology to travel. Immerse yourself in stimulating conversations that expose you to diverse perspectives and expand your knowledge.


What’s a moderator?

This is Perfectly Spoken’s chosen English speaking representative who starts and finishes the session, makes sure the conversation runs smoothly and everyone feels comfortable and happy.

How many sessions can I attend?

As many as you like. But please attend those sessions at our level and follow our ‘fair use’ policy:  book sessions you can definitely attend and make the most of each one.

Can I go to different levels?

Yes. You can try different levels and find the level and time that works best for you. But please remember to respect other students and do not attend sessions that are really too difficult -as this can interrupt the flow of the conversation- or much too easy for you -as this can intimidate other students and stop them from speaking and contributing freely

Can I suggest conversation topics?

Yes! We love you ideas and this is your opportunity to practise. We will create a board so you can post ideas for upcoming sessions.

Do I need to have my camera on?

You can attend sessions without having your camera on and you can listen to the session. However, if you wish to participate in any conversation, we would ask you to turn on your microphone and camera. It’s important that people can see the person who is speaking.

Can I just attend and not speak?

At the moment. Yes. We believe this will help some people to become comfortable and understand how the sessions work. But this also depends on the other students and if we find most other students are not comfortable with other students attending and not participating or showing themselves, then we will change this rule.

What’s the difference between the Conversation Café and a Speaking Practice Group?

Very important question. The Conversation Café is all about creating a real-life situation which encourages speaking fluency and improves confidence. It is also about giving you a chance to meet and speak to other English language learners from our global community. There is no expert teacher to guide the practice and provide the individualised feedback and correction that students receive in a Speaking Practice group

What’s the difference between the Conversation Café and a Live Class?

Live Classes are a valuable complement to the self-study lessons and provide an opportunity to chat online with our expert teachers to consolidate the learning from a particular lesson and ask questions about that lesson. Practice is very controlled and the opportunities to speak are limited. The Conversation Café is all about creating the opportunity for students to improve their fluency in spoken English in a relaxed environment, where mistakes are not important. Most learners of English do not speak English with native speakers but with other non-native speakers of English. This is an excellent way to practise and become Perfectly Spoken!

Conversation Café ☕

Meet and speak with other students whilst you build your fluency and confidence in English

Unlimited access included in all subscription plans

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