Word of the Day – December

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If you follow us on Facebook, you will know we often have a word of the day. This is a fun post that highlights and teaches followers a single useful word. We normally do this right through the month but because of all our Christmas fun posts, we did less than normal in December. Below is a list of the words we did look at. Following us on Facebook can be a great way to get extra help with learning and to have some fun.

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We often talk about how British people like to talk about the weather. Overcast is a very commonly used weather term describing a cloudy day. The cloud is low and grey and there is no sun on an overcast day. The weather person may say the day is going to be overcast which means you will probably not see the sun at all that day. It is important not to think a day is overcast if there are clouds in the sky because there are different sorts of clouds. An overcast day is dull, grey and the sky is all one colour.


In one of our free Facebook live lessons our teacher talked about vocabulary used to describe family. The word sibling is used to describe a brother or sister. This word is not used when talking about other relatives like mother, father, aunty or uncle. An example of how this could be used is if you were asked “Do you have any siblings?” You could answer “yes I have 2 sisters”. This word could be very useful if you are filling out forms or being interviewed for any reason.


This word is used as a way to describe what you think will happen in the future. It is normally used when you are sure something will happen. For example “I predict my team will win the football match”. If you did not think they will win, you could say “I hope my team will win”. Predict is a stronger word used when you are confident something will happen.

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