Why English is so important in Business

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How Many People Use English?

OK so here are a few facts that show how widely used English is. The British council states English is the first language for around 373 million people. But it is a second language for another 500 million on top of that number so nearly 900 million people can speak English. These numbers are very approximate but give a strong idea of the real number. The really big fact is that it is estimated another 1 billion people are learning English. As a language it is recognised officially in 80 countries and spoken widely in another 100 countries.  Another estimate suggested by 2020 another 2 billion people will be learning English. There is no doubt in this globalised world English is very very important.


Big Business

It is worth pointing out that English is not the most widely spoken language in terms of a native tongue. However, according to Unicode.org people speak in English live in countries that make up 29.3% of the words GDP. This means there is a lot of business power behind the language and the countries that use it.


English in Business

Due to the fact most big corporations have offices all over the world there was a need for a single language to be used in meetings and the like. English has become that language. It is now the default choice for teams and executives meeting up online and in person across the world. For example if a sales manager from Berlin were to meet the head of HR from Korea they would most likely choose to speak English. People that can’t speak English may well find it hard to keep up with meetings and even get the bigger jobs in the first place.


Branding and Language

Again, as companies become more global so too does their use of language. Corporate identity and language are becoming simpler and many big firms are choosing to use English. Nokia, Daimler and Renault are just a few big names that have done this. This not only means that, as mentioned before, all meetings and company literature uses English but also the values of the company and even names of services and products all start to rely on English and understanding it is critical.


English in Science and Technology

Science and Tech are big growth areas and probably always will be. If anyone wants to make a huge impact on the business world then these are the sectors where they head. Recent data suggested that around 95% of all scientific papers written in the Science Citation Index were in English. Nature is written in English as is the Lancet both of which are very important publications. What this all means is that when a publication or company wants to communicate with the most possible people they use English and this is only going to get more popular.


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