Ways to Say I’m Hungry

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When it comes to learning English there are, of course, a lot of technical aspects and this is why courses are so important. But alongside the grammar and correct pronunciation there is the use of idioms and slang. While these do not make up (1) a large aspect of the language using them properly can really help with the social side of being in another country. Below are some examples of how you might say “I am hungry” in a few different ways.

I’m Starving

Starving literally means being close to death from lack of (2) food. You certainly would not want to tell someone that as a matter of fact but English people do love to use extreme terms to describe less extreme things. So when asked “Shall we go out for some food?” a reply of “Yes, I’m Starving” would be perfect. It is a slightly light hearted (3) and exaggerated thing to say but it is a common term and one that all English people will understand.

I’m Ravenous

Again, this is an extreme term to describe an extreme level of hunger and lack of food. It implies a person could eat almost anything just to have some food. But once again, this term is commonly used when a person is simply very hungry. It would not describe the need for a small snack (4) , it would be used if perhaps lunch had been missed at work and someone may have offered to get a sandwich for you. “Could I get a sandwich from the shop for you while you work?” “Yes please, I’m ravenous” again, this is a slightly light hearted word but one that most people will understand.

I’m Peckish

Being peckish is a much less severe (5) term than is used to describe someone being hungry but not very hungry. It would be used to describe someone looking for a snack or small lunch rather than being very hungry. It is often used with the addition of “a bit”. “Are you hungry?” “Yes, I am a bit peckish but I can wait for another hour”. It is quite a polite word and can easily be used in any situation.

I Could Eat a Horse

This is a very light hearted and almost funny (6)  term. Some people think this is used because eating a horse is not something many people would do. Others suggest it came from the fact that a horse is very big and by saying you could eat one you are giving a clear indication of how hungry you are. This term would be used among friends to tell them you are feeling very hungry.

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  1. Make up: compose or constitute
  2. Lack of: absence of, not having
  3. Light hearted: amusing, entertaining
  4. Snack : small amount of food eaten between meals
  5. Severe: intense
  6. Funny: amusing