4 Top Tips – How to Study When Learning English Online

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Studying and learning is never easy, and we know learning a language can be very tough sometimes. This can be really hard if you are working at the same time. A lot of people study and work because they would like to get a better job or move to another country for work. Read this blog for some simple and easy to understand tips to help you study better and learn faster.


Planning is very important, it is even more important if you do not have much time. If you have a busy job and study around this then planning is critical. See how many lessons there are in your course and then plan a time to take them. This time can be in the morning, evening, on a lunch break at work or any other time. But whenever you like to study it should be planned. This way you can stick to your plan and finish the course by a date you would like.

Targets and Goals

Setting yourself target and goals can be very useful. For many people a target might be to finish a video lesson and learn 5 new words by the end of the week. For other people it may be to watch 4 videos and learn 20 new words. What the target is will depend on your level and how fast you learn. When you reach your target why not reward yourself with something you like or perhaps visit some friends.

Go Outside

Going outside may not seem like a very good way to learn but it is very good for your mind. If you work very hard and do not go outside and get some air you may not learn as much. Take time out and take a break, doing this outside can really help you remember things and learn more.

Get Support

We have already said learning is hard but it can be easier when you have the support of friends and family. Tell people you are taking an online English course and when things are hard you can talk to them. Friends and family can support you and help you keep going when you are tired or maybe when you are finding learning really difficult.

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We hope these tips help you with your English lessons and perhaps you can move on to a more advanced level very soon.