Top Growth Sectors for Jobs in the UK

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If you are planning on coming to the UK for work, or you are working in the UK and would like a change of career there are some areas of work that are doing very well at the moment. These sectors are important to look it if you are thinking about what training or university course to do to get the best jobs.

  1. Finance and Accounting

Knowing about money and accounting in business is always something that will earn you money. Every single business needs some help at one time or another. However, when things get tough this need increases. With Brexit and a clear economic downturn there is no doubt larger companies and smaller ones are looking to accountants and financial experts to help them get the best out of less business. If you are looking for a sector that is growing and that is reliable then finance is a strong one to think about. Even if maths is not your strong point there are a wide range of jobs in any accounting firm including marketing, HR and more.

  1. Power and Energy

This is a big sector including things like Nuclear, Oil, Gas and Renewables. Most of these areas are growing. With the new Nuclear facility being built in the UK there is no doubt there will be a call for more skilled and non skilled people. Oil may be a fossil fuel but the petrol industry is far from dying and with the rise of smaller efficient petrol engines the automotive sector is booming. Renewables is also a huge area for growth. Think about companies that make solar panels and turbines, companies that fit panels to homes too. Also the number of large wind farms is increasing and with this comes more jobs. Along with all of this there are more and more new power companies opening up catering for the desire for renewable energy and all of this means more jobs. As a sector power is a strong one to look for jobs in and the range of roles, just like finance, is huge.

  1. Engineering

This is a sector that has two problems. The first is that there is huge demand for new engineering projects that meet the growing need for environmentally friendly processes. The second is that a large number of people who work in this sector are getting older and will retire by 2025. Now is the time to consider a career in engineering. There is a reported skills gap and a need for around 180,000 new skilled workers in this sector. If you are thinking about what to study at a university in the UK then engineering is a good choice. If you are already in this sector and are planning to come to the UK then now is a good time.

  1. IT and Technology

If there is one sector that will always grow it is IT and Tech. The demand for new tech is never ending and the companies providing both the tech and ways for businesses to use it are growing. First of all the creation, design, testing and marketing of new tech is huge so there are a lot of jobs in that area. But do not forget things like digital marketing where companies need help keeping there customers aware of new products from people who understand the tech itself. It is a huge growth industry and one that anyone looking for a career in the UK should look into.


The great thing about these sectors is they are global so working in the UK could be part of your career or it could be where you stay. These are big growth areas and a very good place to start thinking about career, education and jobs.

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