10 Top Tips for learning English on holiday

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Are you going on holiday? Get ready for our 10 Top Tips for learning English on holiday.  Our selection of fun and easy ways to practise English, ensuring that your travel experience becomes an enriching language adventure.

Going on holiday is a fantastic way to relax, rejuvenate, and escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. However, it doesn’t mean you have to take a break from learning. For language enthusiasts and English learners, vacations present a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the language while enjoying their time away.

  1. Practise with the locals

Engaging in conversations with native speakers is a great way to improve your English fluency, even in non-English speaking countries where English is often the shared common language. While you’re on holiday, interact with locals in markets, cafes, or tourist spots. Don’t hesitate to start up a friendly conversation and practise your English. Most locals are keen to share their culture and language with visitors, providing an excellent opportunity to learn new phrases and expressions.

  1. Book local tours and activities

If you’re travelling overseas, you’ll be able to go on tours or enjoy activities conducted in English. Whether it’s a city tour, a cooking class, or a historical excursion, participating in English-speaking activities will expose you to the language in a practical, engaging, and fun way.

  1. Read English books or e-books

While sunbathing on the beach or relaxing by the pool, why not pick up an English book or e-book to read. Select a theme that interests you and take your time to understand the story (or even a book in English you’ve read in your own language) Reading helps improve vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills, all while enjoying your holiday.

Learn English speaking with other people
Practise your English on social media
  1. Practise English through social media

Share your travel experiences on social media platforms in English. Write captions for your photos, post travel updates, and interact with other English-speaking travellers. This not only improves your written skills but also helps you make connections with people who share similar interests.

  1. Watch English movies or shows

In the evenings, unwind with English movies or TV shows. Listening to native speakers will expose you to different accents, colloquial expressions, and conversational patterns. If possible, you could use subtitles to help your understanding.

  1. Language apps and games

Of course, you can always improve, and practise English with Perfectly Spoken wherever you go! But maybe you it’s also time for a break from your normal studies so you come back refreshed and ready to re-join us after the holiday! Instead, use your smart phone to access language learning apps and games to practise English during downtime or while travelling. Many apps offer interactive exercises, quizzes, and language challenges that make learning enjoyable and convenient. From vocabulary builders to conversation simulators, these apps can be your pocket-sized English tutor on holiday.

  1. Take a short course or go to classes

Before you go on your trip, research language workshops or classes available at your destination. Many cities offer short-term language courses for tourists, allowing you to learn in a structured environment while connecting with fellow learners.

  1. Join English speaking groups

Search online for English-speaking meetups or language exchange groups in the area you’re visiting. These gatherings offer the chance to meet locals and fellow travellers, enabling you to practise English in a relaxed and supportive setting.

  1. Keep a travel journal

Writing a journal not only helps you save your travel memories but also helps enhance your language skills. Write about your daily experiences, the places you visit, and the people you meet. Challenge yourself to describe events in a lot of detail, using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar. When you return home, you’ll have a valuable collection of written English to review and analyse.

And finally…

  1. Set language learning goals

Before and during your holiday, set specific language goals. It could be to learn a certain number of new words, have a daily conversation with a native speaker, or complete a language challenge. Goals give direction to your learning and provide a sense of accomplishment when achieved.

Learn English on holidays

Travelling is not only about seeing new places but also about exploring different cultures and languages. By incorporating these ten fun and effective ways to practice English while on holiday, you can transform your vacation into an exciting language-learning adventure. Please welcome the opportunity to improve your English proficiency combined with enjoying unforgettable memories in your dream destination.


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