The CEO Publication Interviews CEO David de Jager

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Our very own David de Jager has recently been interviewed by The CEO Publication about Perfectly Spoken and how our unique way of learning English online is the future and how he achieved this success. David’s history in teaching English as a language was the launching point for Perfectly Spoken, utilising different learning techniques and creating hybrids to find the best way to teach someone how to speak English. David saw an opportunity to take his vast experience and understanding of the range of people who are learning and wanting to learn the language to create the platform we all now know as Perfectly Spoken.

“You may be surprised that there are approximately 2 billion learners of English across the globe…” Read what David fully had to say in the interview. The aim of Perfectly Spoken was to create a platform in which learning English was extensive and complete whilst also being available to the learner whenever the learner was ready, rather than a fixed time and date inside a classroom. Whether you’re completely new to learning English or you’re brushing up your skills to develop your career or personal life, there is something for everyone. This was a core part of the design for the online English courses.

David goes on to discuss how he is proud of what he has created here and why he thinks the Perfectly Spoken platform is out-performing all the premium services that are out there. He also mentions the connections we’ve made along the way with large new agencies and the performance of the courses internationally. Take a look at the entire interview over on The CEO Publication and if you are curious about learning English online, get in touch with our team or register for your course today!