The Best Way To Learn and Practice English Online

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Learning English Online is not easy, it is challenging but very rewarding thing to do. Learning to speak English can help with getting a job in an English speaking country, studying and travelling too. But with so many ways to learn English online what are the best ways to do it and what are the best ways to practice? In the post we look at some of the best ways you can learn English online to get the best results possible!

Online English Courses

There are a lot of online videos that can teach you English but the best way to learn English properly is to take a full English course. Just doing one video every few days from different teachers that are not connected can confuse you and may slow down your learning. The best thing to do is choose an online English school like Perfectly Spoken and sign up for an online English course at the correct level for you.

Practice Your English Online

One of the hardest parts of learning English online is finding ways to practice. If you were in a classroom you might have other students to practice with but online you may not have anyone you know who is learning English with you. But do not be disheartened there are ways you can practice online. Facebook is a great place to start, there are lots of people who will also be learning English but it can be hard to find them. Look for groups of other English learners and message some members to see if they would be happy to swap messages or even have a video chat with you. There is a perfectly Spoken Facebook page where 1000s of other people are learning English and many of them will be very happy to find new people to practice with. There are also Whatsapp groups and many websites with forums where you could also meet people to practice with. The great thing about Whatsapp is you can use it as a video call system as well as a way of finding other people learning English.

If you would like to find out more about our online English courses then have a look at our courses page and join other people on our Facebook group. The key is to learn in a structured way and to practice as much as you can even if you don’t have anyone at home to speak English with.