November – Words of The Day

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Below is a list of all of our Facebook “words of the day” we had in November. These words are often chosen because they relate to one of our live Facebook lessons or something else seasonal that is going on during the month. Each word is also chosen because it is commonly used and can be very useful to know. If you would like to join in the discussion then follow us on Facebook and keep looking out for words of the day. If you already follow us then the words below will help you look back and make sure you have learnt all the words we have talked about.

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This word describes an activity that is against the law. This is something that the police can arrest you for and you could be taken to a court of law and even sentenced to spend time in prison. Illegal is an important word to understand so you do not accidentally do things you should not. If anyone asks you to do something for money that is not a normal job you can simply ask “is this illegal”.


This is an important word and it means something that happened in the past. History can also be the study of things that happened in the past. The word is used to talk about things that happened a long time ago rather than days or months and usually hundreds or thousands of years ago. A history teacher will teach about the Romans, world wars and other things like that.


Cost is a very common word and it normally describes how much money you need to pay for something. You may say “how much does this computer cost?” when you want to find out if you have enough money to buy it. Cost can also be used to describe things that are given for something that is not money. For example, a bad advert for a product could cost the company more than just money, it could have offended people and cost them customers too. The term is also used when talking about war and natural disasters as the cost to human life!


Finance is a very important word and can mean different things. It is a term used to describe money and the way it is spent and used. The financial department of a company deals with all the buying and wages. A financial adviser is someone who can help people understand things like investments and mortgages. However, you may see “finance available” on products like cars, beds or sofas. This means the company will offer you a loan to buy the product. It may seem like a good idea but be very careful and check how much extra money you have to pay back on top of the cost. Finance offers can sound good and leave people paying a lot of extra money.


The word rush is a word used to describe speed. If someone is in a rush, it means they do not have very much time to stop. Rushing around is a term used to describe when someone is moving quickly from one meeting or job to another or one place to another. Someone might say “Don’t Rush” This means they are saying it is OK to slow down and do what you are doing slower.


During is another time word. This describes the time in the middle of a task or activity. You may feel hungry during a long meeting, this means you are hungry while the meeting is going on. You may fall asleep during a movie or read a book during your lunch break at work.


Returning is the word to describe coming back to something. You may return home after a day at work. Someone might be happy about a friend returning home after a holiday. The word return means to go back or come back and returning is the verb related to this.


This is a very useful word to describe someone who understands and sees detail and information in something. A perceptive person may understand something that is being explained to them very easily with extra detail. It is a skill that is useful in the workplace and when learning.


This is a very useful word when considering working in the UK. Wages are the money you get paid for working. This is normally describing payment that is given each week or daily. The word Salary is then used if you get paid each month as part of a long job contract over a year or more.