10 easy ways to practise & improve your English with just 20 minutes every day

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Hello English language learners! Today we bring you some tips to improve your English with just 20 minutes every day.

Do you really want to improve your English skills but find it hard to dedicate a lot of time?

Well, good news! You can practice English every day with just a 20-minute routine. It’s like watering a plant – a little bit each day can make a big difference.

Let’s explore 10 simple and fun ways to improve your English skills regularly.

Follow these tips and  improve your English with 20 minutes every day

1. Read a Story:

Spend 5 minutes reading a short story, news article, or a blog post in English. Reading helps you learn new words and understand sentence structures.

2. Listen to Music:

Play a song you like and read its lyrics while listening. Music helps you with pronunciation and rhythm. You can sing along too!

3. Speak to Yourself:

Stand in front of a mirror and talk about your day. This boosts your speaking skills and confidence.

4. Flashcards for Vocabulary:

Make flashcards with new words. Review them during your 20 minutes. Repetition helps you remember!

5. Watch a Video:

Watch a short video or a part of a movie in English. Try to understand the dialogue. Videos give you exposure to real conversations.

6. Grammar Time:

Spend a few minutes focusing on a grammar rule. Learn how to use a specific tense or structure.

7. Write a Diary:

Write a few sentences about what you did during the day. This improves your writing and helps you express thoughts in English.

8. Language App Fun:

Use language-learning apps for interactive exercises. They make learning enjoyable and track your progress.

9. Chat with Friends:

Find a language partner or a friend who speaks English (in person or online). Have a quick chat and practise everyday conversation.

10.Word of the Day:

Learn a new word daily. Use it in sentences to remember it better. And to help you. Perfectly Spoken will soon offer a new Word of the Day -with transcript of the definition and audio to give examples of use and help with pronunciation- every day to all learners on their dashboard

But why a routine, even on holiday?

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I practise English daily, even when I’m on vacation?” Well, let me explain!

  • Consistency is Key: Regular practice, even for a short time, is better than occasional intense study. Just like exercising, a routine keeps your skills in good shape.
  • Forget Forgetting!: When you take a break from practising, you might forget what you’ve learned. Daily practice helps reinforce your memory.
  • Build Confidence: Consistent practice boosts your confidence. You’ll feel more comfortable speaking, writing, and understanding English.
  • Stay Connected: English is a global language. With a routine, you can connect with people from different parts of the world easily.
  • Great way to use free time: During holidays, you have some extra time. Instead of doing nothing, invest those 20 minutes to improve your skills.
  • Create a Habit: When you practise daily, it becomes a habit. You won’t have to struggle to find time; it’ll be a natural part of your day.
  • Enjoy the Process: Learning should be enjoyable, not hard work. With a routine, you can make learning English a fun part of your daily life.

Perfectly Spoken’s Head of Education, Stephanie Marston always advises regular practice -little and often.

She says “a 20-minute daily routine might seem small, but its impact can be huge. You’ll gradually see improvement in your English skills, and you’ll be more confident using the language”.

Even during holidays, this routine keeps your progress on track and helps you stay connected to the world. So, grab your 20 minutes each day, and let the journey of improving your English begin – one enjoyable step at a time!

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