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Scotland – A Useful Guide

If you are planning to move to the UK for work, visit or if you work with people from the UK then this guide to Scotland will be very useful. If you are learning English it can be very useful to understand a little more about how the UK is made up for different countries. This can be very important if you are going to be working with people form the UK.

Scotland is one of 4 countries that make up the parts of the United Kingdom. Unlike Northern Ireland Scotland is part of the same island as England and Wales. It is well known for its mountains, forests, beaches and Lochs.

General Information

Scotland is north of the top of England. It is the very top part of the United Kingdom. Because it is so far north it often gets a lot of snow and you can even see the Northern Lights from some parts and has sunlight until 11:30pm in the summer. It can also rain a lot and be very cold!

Scotland has it’s own parliament which is in the capital city of Edinburgh. Around 5 million people live in Scotland which is around 8.5% of the total UK population. Glasgow is another famous Scottish city. Most people tend to live further South and the more mountainous and cold country is further north. This northern part of the country is called the Highlands.


A loch is a Scottish word for a large lake. There is a very famous Loch called Loch Ness where a famous monster called the Loch Ness Monster is said to live. Over many years there have been photographs of this monster but most are hard to see and the monster is considered a myth; it is often called Nessy!


Like other parts of the UK modern music is very popular but Scotland also has a very traditional type of music and a very famous instrument called the bagpipes. This instrument is made up of an air bag and a number of pipes. It creates a very unique and beautiful sound.


In Scotland there are actually 3 languages; English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic. Around 30% of the population are able to speak Scots but everyone in Scotland will understand and be able to speak English. Scots actually has a lot of words that are the same in English but it would be very hard to understand.


Football is very popular in Scotland. They have their own large football league called the Scottish Premier League. Huge matches are played between Celtic and Rangers and it is worth remembering some fans of these teams do not like each other. Scotland also hosts a more traditional collection of sports called the Highland Games. These events include dancing, music and games involving huge tree trunks being thrown.


Like other parts of the UK the food is very similar but each part has some of it’s own traditional food types. Haggis is something eaten at certain celebrations in Scotland. It is a kind of round sausage made using a sheep stomach, oats and meat. Scotland is also famous for amazing seafood because of it’s rich coastline.

Scottish people are often very friendly but also very proud of their country. As the film Braveheart shows, the Scottish and English have not always got on well so be aware of that if talking to Scottish people.

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Northern Ireland – A Useful Guide

If you are hoping to move to the UK for work or visit, or even work with people from the UK it is important to understand the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Learning English is very useful but knowing a little about the countries is important too. Here is our very useful guide to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is one of the 4 countries in the United Kingdom, the others are England, Scotland and Wales. Ireland is important to understand for a few reasons but one is that it is different from the Republic of Ireland even though it is on the same island next to the mainland. Northern Ireland is north of the Republic which is not part of the UK.

General Information

There are around 1.8 million people in Northern Ireland which is only around 3% of the population of the UK. The capitol city is call Belfast. It is a country filled with rolling green hills, mountains and beautiful beaches. A number of big movies have been filmed there as well as Game of Thrones. It is also the home of the world famous Giant’s Causeway which is an amazing bit of coastline made up of columns of rocks that look like they have been created by man.


Northern Ireland was once a place of conflict. The disagreement was between people who wanted to be part of the UK and people who wanted to be part of the Republic of Ireland. For many years there were bombings and violence in and outside of the country. But in the 1990s there was a peace agreement which still stands today. It is important to be aware that people from Northern Ireland still have different feelings about the UK and could be offended by discussing these things.


English is the most common language in Northern Ireland and almost everyone will and can speak it. Irish Gaelic is a traditional language that is known by a lot of people but not spoken very widely.

Music, Food and Sport

Traditional Irish music is common right across Northern Ireland and it is often very similar to the music from the Republic. This folk style music is still enjoyed by all ages even though modern popular music is available.

Much of the food is similar across both parts of Ireland and a lot of it is very common across the UK. However Northern Ireland has a special type of breakfast called an Ulster Fry. This is very similar to a traditional English breakfast with sausages, eggs and bacon. However, in Northern Ireland it is served with soda bread.

Gaelic football is very popular in Northern Ireland. This is very similar to Rugby. Most other sports are common in the country including football, rugby and even pastimes like mountain climbing. For most major events both Northern Ireland and the Republic join together but they do have separate teams for football.

Northern Ireland is a beautiful country to visit. If you work with or speak to people from this country remember not to assume Ireland is all one country as this could offend someone.

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Everything You Need to Know About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The British Royal family is certainly important to a lot of people in the UK although not everyone is interested in what they do. There are also a lot of other countries that seem to be interested in what happens to the British Royal Family and America is one of them. This is even more important to the USA when an American is about to join our royal family.

Who is Prince Harry?

Prince Harry is the son of Prince Charles who is also known as the Prince of Wales. His mother Diana sadly died in an accident in Paris in 1997. Prince Harry has a brother called Prince William. Prince Harry is 6th in line to be King. He was further up the list but when Prince William had three children they become a more direct heir (1) to the throne. Prince Harry is now sixth in line behind his father, his brother and his 2 nephews and niece (Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis)  Prince Harry has been in the British Army and has done a lot of charity (2) work. He is generally well liked in the UK by most people.

Who is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle is an American Actress. She has been in a number of movies like Anti-Social and Horrible Bosses but has also starred in the hit (3) TV show Suits. She is 36 years old and comes from Los Angeles, California. She has been dating (4) Prince Harry since July 2016. Meghan has been married before which is very unusual for someone in the Royal Family.

The News

The news that Prince Harry was engaged was certainly a very big thing in the UK. Meghan’s parents have said “We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry.” Harry’s parents have said “‘We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.”.

As soon as the news was announced the couple have been in the newspapers and online a lot. It is also something that many people in the UK are talking about and will be for a long time.

The Wedding

The wedding takes place (5) on the 19th May 2018 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. This place is known to be very important and special to them both. It will be a private wedding but there will be a lot of celebrations across the UK and many thousands of people will be in London celebrating publicly.

Latest news

Meghan was baptised (6) and has joined the Church of England to be allowed to marry a member of the Royal family. She has also started working on becoming a British Citizen and will take the British Citizenship test after her marriage. She has now stopped her work as an actress and will concentrate on her charity work.

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  1. Heir: legally inherit a title or position.
  2. Charity:  organization that helps those in need.
  3. Hit: successful, popular.
  4. Dating: when a couple appear in public together.
  5. Take place: occur, happen.
  6. Baptize:  ceremony to admit someone into a particular Church.

New Years Resolutions – What Are They All About?

A New Year’s resolution is simply a choice someone makes at the start of the new year to change the things they do, or perhaps to do things they have not done yet. These resolutions are common in most of the Western Hemisphere and also in the East but what the resolutions are can vary a lot.

If you are living or working in the UK or you are working with people from the UK it is useful to understand the feelings and intentions behind these resolutions and how hard it can be to stick to them. Below are some common resolutions you may hear about or be told about when working with English speaking people especially from the UK.

  1. Lose Weight

This is a very common resolution. It is a simple one to say but a hard one to do. A lot of people would like to weigh less and be in better shape. January is a very common time to start trying to exercise more and lose weight. It is often hard to go outside and exercise because the weather is so bad in the UK. It is important to be nice and to encourage people if they tell you this is there plan. Be careful not to offend anyone by agreeing they should lose weight.


  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is certainly something many people want to stop doing. It is a perfect new years resolution for health and to save money. Some people choose to try e-cigarettes to help and others just stop. If you are working around people who are trying to stop smoking remember to be supportive. If you smoke it is polite to try to not remind them you are going for a cigarette as this may make things harder.


  1. Eat Healthier Food

This is a very common resolution in the UK and across many countries. It is not always about losing weight but about being healthier. As with smoking, eating junk food in front of people who are trying to be healthy can be a little rude. It would also be bad to invite people out with you for junk food and not think about the people trying to stick with their resolution.


  1. Stop Drinking

There is no doubt, people in the UK do like drinking alcohol. Giving this up forever is not a common resolution but there is a common practice where people stop drinking for January. This is called a “dry January”. As with other resolutions it is important to remember work mates and friends may be trying not to drink and it is nice to be helpful and supportive.


  1. Start a New Career

This resolution is certainly more extreme than the others mentioned here but January in the UK is very often about looking for a new job. It is important to know this because January and February is a great time to be looking for work in the UK.

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