A Rather Odd Way to Say “Why”

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There are many reasons why you might need to say the word why…just like this sentence.

Why can be used to question something you do not understand; “why is this happening?” or “why are you doing that?” It is certainly a very useful word when learning a language or even starting a new job. Trying to learn how to perform the tasks given to you by your new boss is hard and being able to easily question a task and learn more about it is very important. For example “why is that person doing that?” Your new boss could then easily explain what is happening.

Why can also be used on it’s own without any other words. If a friend asks “Are you going to the shops later” you might reply “Why?”. This would very easily show that you would like to know why they are asking this question. It might be because they would like you to buy them some milk if you are going to the shops.

Another way to say Why!

Native English speakers can often use a different way to say why. They use the term “How Come?” this seems like a very odd thing to say because nothing is coming or going. It is best not to try and translate this term and just learn how to use it as it is. How come simply means…why?


An example of this term would be a friend saying “I do not like the cinema” and you might reply “How come?”. In this case you are simply asking them why they do not like the cinema.

This can be a useful term to use and it is certainly one that a lot of people use when speaking English as their native language. It can also be used at the start of a sentence when you want to know why someone is doing something just the same way as you would use why.


Question “How come you are eating vegetables?”

Reply “Because I am trying to be healthy”

“How come” is one of those English terms that may not make sense if you try and understand what it means literally but try using it and try to find some examples of it being used and it may become a term you use a lot.