7 Top Business English Vocabulary Terms

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Learning English has many different parts and much of the basic learning is all about day-to-day life. However, as students get more advanced they may start wanting to learn more specific terms aspects of the language. For many students learning English for work and business purposes is a big factor so below we have got 10 important business English words we think everyone should know.


This is a word used to describe another business selling or offering the same thing as the business you work for. They are trying to do better and be more successful and so are competing with you.



This term describes the way companies advertise themselves. Marketing can be TV commercials, websites, social media pages and more. In many jobs, it is important to be aware of what marketing your company does and your competitor companies.



This is a type of business that sells things through a website. Some businesses use a shop or shops others just use a website. Some companies use both. But a company selling anything online is considered at least partly an eCommerce business.



Client is another word for customer. It is used when customers are very important as a way of making them different. You might be a customer in a supermarket but you would talk about clients if you worked for a marketing company. Client is an important term in many types of business.



The word appraisal can be used in many different ways. It means to look at something and see if it was done well or badly or how successful it was. In business and the workplace, in general, an appraisal is a meeting where a member of staff talks with the boss or bosses about how well they are doing. It is a very important part of work in the UK and other countries.



An agenda is a list of things that need to be talked about at or in a business meeting. You may be asked to create an agenda ready for a meeting. But you may also be sent one before a meeting so you know what the meeting is about.



Notice is a term used when someone is leaving a job. The notice period is the amount of time the company gives you to find another job if you are asked to leave. It is also the amount of time you have to carry on working if you want to leave, so they can find someone to replace you. It is important to understand your notice period when you take a job.

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  • I didn’t get the ___1___ so I wasn’t very well prepared for the meeting.
  • I’m a bit worried. I’ve been at the company for 6 months and I’ve got (a/an) ___2___ with my boss tomorrow.
  • In the legal profession, the ___3__ period tends to be 6 -12 months depending on the seniority.
  • We’ve got an important lunch with ___4__ today. I hope they renew their contract and stay with us and don’t go to the ___5__.

(Answers: 1 agenda/ 2 appraisal/ 3 notice/ 4 clients/ 5 competition)